Directions to Regulon’s production building in Koropi


From Varis-Koropiou Avenue, direction to the Airport:

Go all the way on Varis-Koropiou Avenue to its end.

At the last light stop on Varis-Koropiou Avenue it splits: left to Koropi / right to Markopoulo or Airport


Immediately (10 meters) turn right again to the small street BEFORE the MORFI building (MORFI sells lights & furniture)

Our Building is next to MORFI direction East

Go around MORFI to our building. It is an orthogonal grey concrete building with big glass windows to the North and small windows to the rest of the building.


From Airport, direction to Varis-Koropiou Avenue:

When you enter Varis-Koropiou Avenue you see our building to your left

Go to the next traffic light and make a U-turn (to the left)

Continue to the airport and use thedirections shown above